Vampire Survivors Latest Update Makes It Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Poncle, the team behind Vampire Survivors, has announced Whiteout, a free update available now for PC, Xbox, and Mobile. It'll be coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Not only does Whiteout bring the spirit of Christmas to the game, but it also has a variety of new content, some of which include a new bonus stage, achievements, and more.

To unlock Whiteout, players must collect 20 Orologions. Once they've unlocked it, they'll be able to find the Antidote relic and the Glass Fandango weapon, and if they pick up and max out Wings, it'll evolve the Glass Fandango. The goal of Whiteout will be to survive for 20 minutes, and if players make it to the post-game, they can find the Chaos Altermanna in the Tiny Bridge.

Whiteout also features She-Moon Eeta, a new playable character that has a "CriticalHP skill" that triggers when her health drops below 25%, and a new music track. In addition to all the new content, there's also a new series of cheats players can use to help give them the upper hand. Below are all the cheats, alongside information on what they do:

duraistruth : Unlocks Antidote relic
chapatribe : Unlocks Chaos Altemanna relic
cygnusmagnus: Unlocks She-Moon and Glass Fandango
buriedinthesnow : Unlocks Whiteout stage

In a Steam Blog post, the dev team teased what players can expect with future updates. According to the post, Adventures is the next big thing in store for the game, and will "add a bit of new flavor through new stage progression and descriptions." This will let players start new chapters without fear of losing anything they earned in the main game, and it'll have several new features. The team is also working on a new cross-save feature that will be available for beta channels.

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great to see them doing a xmas theme this early, just like the big name stores fr


Game is so dumb but it does look cool with the Christmas stuff !

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