Elden Ring Player Defeats Radagon Using Only a Vomit Attack

An Elden Ring player has shared a new video showing how they defeated Radagon using only a vomit attack. Elden Ring features a massive open world filled with secrets, and fans will encounter a variety of challenging enemies as they explore the land - enemies that can be reliably taken down with vomit.

There are many difficult bosses in Elden Ring, particularly in its late-game areas, and Radagon functions as the first phase of its final boss battle. Despite the difficulty of these fights, many players have discovered unique ways of beating Radagon and other endgame bosses. For example, one Elden Ring player managed to beat Radagon and Elden Beast with one hit each, as they dealt a ton of damage to both opponents after applying various buffs. Now, one Elden Ring fan has defeated Radagon using a particular Incarnation that looks like a vomit attack.

A user named name1227returns has made a new post on Reddit with this clip, showing how they managed to beat Radagon using just the Theodorix's Magma Incantation in Elden Ring. As seen in the video, the Theodorix's Magma Incantation deals a ton of damage to Radagon, depleting a huge chunk of his health in just a single attack. The player then carefully dodges attacks before unleashing it again, successfully killing Radagon in just a few moves. Fans interested in trying out this Incantation should note that it can be purchased from the Dragon Communion Altar after defeating the Great Wyrm Theodorix enemy in the game.

Radagon learns what vomit feels like
byu/name1227returns inEldenring

Many users in the comments section make vomit-related jokes, while others share their love for this Incantation. One player also asks name1227returns about their Elden Ring build, and the poster confirms that they were using the Roar Medallion talisman for the purpose of this fight. The player claims to have limited themselves to Elden Ring’s Dragon Communion Incantations for this particular run, and while it allowed them easily defeat some bosses, it also made a few other fights even harder.

Theodorix's Magma is evidently extremely powerful, but players can try out a variety of other useful Incantations in Elden Ring. Bloodflame Blade, Beast Claw, and Greyoll's Roar are considered to be among the best Incantations available in Elden Ring, while Frenzied Burst, The Flame Of Frenzy, and Honed Bolt can also be helpful. Overall, Elden Ring fans interested in using magic attacks have a number of spells to choose from, and it looks like Theodorix's Magma can be especially useful in melting some bosses.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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always nice to see different ways to defeat bosses


funny way and crazy way of defeating it !

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