PS5 Slim's Release Date Has Leaked

As reported by VGC, the PS5 Slim's release date has been found by reputable leaker billbil-kun. Reportedly, we can expect the Standard and Digital PS5 Slim consoles to launch on November 10 in the US, with a Spider-Man 2 bundle releasing two days earlier on November 8 for $559.99.

The standard PS5 digital will reportedly cost $499.99 (or £479.99), with a digital edition selling at a slightly lower cost of $449.99 (or £389.99). This means that the digital PS5 Slim is $50 more expensive than the standard version, though it will be compatible with a separate Blu-ray disc drive that will retail at $79.99 (or £99.99). However, if you want to place the console upright, you will have to buy a vertical stand for $30 (or £25).

Adding evidence to this claim is the pre-order listing from retailers such as Amazon Japan, where the release date is also noted as November 10. It has not been confirmed when the PS5 Slim will launch in other countries, however.

While mid-gen console refreshes are par for the course, with each and every PlayStation having its own Slim variant, the PS5's is not going down well.

Immediately after it was announced, gamers jumped to ridicule the design, or lack thereof, seeing as it looks almost identical to the base PS5. Previous Slim consoles streamlined their generations and offered up slicker designs, whereas this one is essentially a PS5 with a glaring break in the middle for the attachable disc drive.

Others lament the horizontal support strut which looks like a flimsy piece of plastic rather than a proper stand. But it goes beyond cosmetic grievances as many are upset with the pricing, particularly the fact that the vertical stand no longer comes with the console but costs extra. And it's not cheap, retailing at $30. The $50 price hike also hasn't gone down well since the Slim will inevitably replace the base PS5.

We'll be able to see it for ourselves soon enough as it's reportedly less than a month away, but something tells me gamers won't be in a rush to replace their existing PS5 consoles with the new Slim version. It has a slight increase in storage capacity, now boasting 1TB, but that hasn't been enough to sway the masses.

In the meantime, Spider-Man 2 launches tomorrow and it's on track to be a big hit for Sony. It garnered the Mighty status on OpenCritic with an average score of 91 out of 100, earning it the badge of "Universal Acclaim".

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I'll grab one in a few years lmao


Can't wait I want upgrade to PS5 slim when it comes out PS5 is awesome though but I think the OG PS5 is way too big imo!!!


This console will be out of stock in the first 2 minutes.


I really just want a black ps5 slim 1tb ! how hard can it be lol

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