GTA 7 May Not Release for Decades

Rockstar Games may not make another Grand Theft Auto game for a very long time once Grand Theft Auto VI releases. The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most profitable and popular entertainment franchises in history. The most recent game in the series (recent is used very loosely here) is the second best selling game in history and continues to sell tons of copies a decade later. Still, fans are hungry for what comes next. So much so, that based on almost nothing, they believe a reveal may happen this month. We can only hope it's true, but only Rockstar knows when it will grace us with the first GTA 6 trailer.

By the time GTA 6 does release, there will have been a roughly 11 – 12 year gap between games in the series (at the earliest) and 6 – 7 year gap between a new Rockstar release as Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018. Video games are taking longer and longer to make, especially considering the scale at which Rockstar develops them. With that said, according to YouTuber LegacyKillaHD, Rockstar Games employees don't even expect to be around when the next GTA game enters development let alone releases. With that said, it could be decades before we see the next GTA game. Rockstar will probably make another Red Dead Redemption or revisit another franchise if not make a completely new IP, that could take a really long time and then another GTA would take even longer, if we are being realistic.

It's a bummer to hear, but that doesn't mean the GTA series would just vanish from the zeitgeist. Grand Theft Auto V has remained extremely relevant for years thanks to GTA Online. It's likely Rockstar will have an extremely fleshed out online mode for the next game to make sure it can be sustained for years to come. There have also been rumors that updates to GTA 6 could expand it in ways much more significant than its predecessor. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, but here's hoping.

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more likely take decades for 6 to come out at this rate fr ffs LMAO


6 isnt even out yet and here we go talking about 7... lmao ayo


That's so far away it don't matter honestly just want GTA 6!


Runts Well no s*** !? We won't even get 6 for another 2 years probably. Why are these even articles ?! Lmao

Because they pay these "Journalists" X amount per article, usually pretty low from what I've heard, and they have to generate X amount in order to survive. What happens then? Crappy click bait and hundreds of useless/stupid articles.


Well no s*** !? We won't even get 6 for another 2 years probably. Why are these even articles ?! Lmao

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