EA's Iron Man Game Gets Update from Motive

Following this year's release of Dead Space, Motive Studio has shifted focus towards its game based on Marvel's Iron Man. So far, details have been pretty sparse, and that's understandable as the game is currently in pre-production. Today, Motive Studio general manager Patrick Klaus offered a small update on the game, including the engine it will be using, which is Unreal Engine 5. As with Dead Space, Motive has put a "Community Council" in place, which is filled with fans of Iron Man and Marvel. The goal is to get feedback from them throughout all of development.

"Since then, our focus has switched to the Iron Man project, giving us the opportunity to work (and play!) with another extraordinary property. We're still early in pre-production and taking our time to make sure we set the best possible foundation for development. But already, we're finding so many opportunities to explore story, design and gameplay with Iron Man, and it's exciting to see the fantasy start coming alive," said Klaus. "Even this early in the process, we've put in place a Community Council made up of Iron Man and Marvel fans; as with Dead Space, they'll be offering feedback on pretty much everything throughout the development process. Meanwhile, we've chosen Unreal Engine 5 as our game engine, in order to empower the dev team to work their magic and create something really special."

An Iron Man Game Created by Fans
Hopefully the Community Council will help steer Iron Man in a direction that proves interesting for fans of the character. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Ashley Cooper will be serving as a senior writer on the game. Cooper has similarly showcased a passion for comics and superheroes in the past, and has previously served as a member of the writing team on the video game Gotham Knights. On Gotham Knights, Cooper's contributions related to the family aspects between the characters, which is something that really seems to interest her. There are a lot of interesting layers to Tony Stark for writers to dive into, so hopefully Cooper will get a chance to do just that on the game.

Iron Man in Video Games
Despite the character's popularity, Iron Man hasn't gotten a lot of starring roles in video games over the years. For the most part, Stark has appeared in ensemble games like Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes, or Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix. The character has had his own Game Boy Advance game, a PlayStation VR title, and a video game crossover with X-O Manowar, but these starring roles have been few and far between. Hopefully EA's Iron Man game will offer the kind of quality experience players got from Batman's Arkham games or PlayStation's Spider-Man series. If the Dead Space remake is anything to go by, it would seem that Iron Man is in very good hands!

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Runts Crazy. Another garbage game smh. Out of everyone they could choose we get an iron man game lmfaoo. And black panther rumor. Smh. What about hulk or Thor or someone actually cool lol.

yeah, it's crazy they're doing another iron man ffs

what about a Loki game? they should give it a try


I think the all Iron Man games ass imo but if they nail it I'd be shocked!


Crazy. Another garbage game smh. Out of everyone they could choose we get an iron man game lmfaoo. And black panther rumor. Smh. What about hulk or Thor or someone actually cool lol.

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