Sea of Thieves Kicks Off Season 10 With New Guilds Feature

Sea of Thieves is kicking off its tenth season, bringing with it a host of new features. Headlining the update is the ability for players to form Guilds, allowing them to unite under a single banner to take on greater challenges.

A Guild has a limit of up to 24 pirates, and players can only join up to a maximum of three Guilds at any time. Joining a Guild allows players to contribute to a shared Guild Reputation, which further unlocks new rewards, including special clothing. Players can also set sail as a Guild Emissary, opening them up for attack from PvP-focused players.

Guilds in Sea of Thieves also allow Captains to share a ship they own with the rest of the Guild. The shared ship will keep its usual decorations and customisation options, while also being able to continue the ship’s owner’s Milestone progress.

The start of a new season in Sea of Thieves also means that there is now a new Plunder Pass, featuring 100 new levels worth of rewards to unlock. Buying the Plunder Pass will give players access to its premium reward tier, allowing players to get their hands on the Stormfish Chaser ship set and clothing faster.

Rare has also revealed that November will see the kick off to the Skull of Siren Song Voyages, which will essentially be a server-wide race to get new treasure. December is also slated to get a major update, bringing with it the Safer Seas option for players that would prefer to play on their own private servers without PvP and with fewer rewards.

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such a fun and really cool game


It's crazy that I've never played this game before it looks very fun from the videos I've watched


Only time the game was really fun was with the pirates of the Caribbean collab

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