Sonic Superstars Is Being Refunded On Steam Over Epic Store Login

Ever since the Epic Games Store first launched back in 2018 and became a mainstay in the PC gaming market, a large number of Steam users have been reluctant to get on board. Most of that is down to the sheer number of different launchers publishers force PC users to download to play certain titles, but the Epic Games Store is particularly controversial as it's set itself up as Steam's main rival.

That's why those who booted up Sonic Superstars on Steam for the first time earlier today are up in arms right now, as they recently discovered that the game will ask you to log into an Epic Games Store account upon launch. On the game's Steam page, it does state that Sonic Superstars requires an Epic Games Store account to access certain features, as the game uses Epic Online Services for crossplay purposes in Battle Mode.

Despite the warning on Steam and the lack of effort required to actually make an Epic Games Store account, this infraction has proven too much for some Sonic fans to bear. Even though the game doesn't actually launch through the Epic Games Store, and you can even ignore it if you don't want to play online, a Twitter post from a user called Blaze has been getting a surprising amount of support over the course of the day, with a whole bunch of furious, like-minded Sonic fans voicing their outrage .

In the replies of the tweet, you'll find several fans claiming that they're now going to purchase the game on another platform due to this extra hoop they have to jump through, with some claiming that they've already refunded the game entirely over its forced Epic Games Store login. There are even those that have claimed they're going to pirate Sonic Superstars for daring to make a functional crossplay system.

There are also a few people pointing out that this is nothing new for the PC gaming space, as fans of Ubisoft and EA titles have been putting up with additional launchers for the past decade. There are plenty other titles such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Returnal that ask players to sign into an Epic Games Store account for crossplay purposes, so Sonic fans kicking off in this way is a tad bit strange.

Still, it's understandable that you might not want to bog down your PC with half a dozen launchers, even if they're not being actively used. It also doesn't help that Sonic Superstars includes the ever controversial Denuvo DRM, so Steam users are getting a double whammy of bad news on launch. Couple that with the game's fairly short runtime, and you begin to see why Sonic fans are a little bit peeved.

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yeah, get those refunds in from EGS fr


oh wow at least they are refunding some then !

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