Assassin’s Creed Games May Be Jumping Into the Future

A dataminer claims to have found cut content from Assassin’s Creed Mirage that hints at the series exploring futuristic settings starting with Assassin’s Creed code name Hexe. The content in question is an unused post-credits scene.

The datamined content can be seen in the video below courtesy of YouTuber Sliderv2. If you haven’t finished Mirage and are weary of spoilers, we suggest reading on for a spoiler-free explanation below as opposed to watching the video.

Dataminers found files in Mirage referencing a post-credits “tease” for AC Neo, which is another name for the AC game code-named Hexe that Ubisoft has yet to officially reveal. This tease happens to be a scene that shows an antenna in the middle of a desert. The antenna triggers a conversation between two Animus employees who refer to the 21st century as “ancient history.” The pair then talk about some kind of a “shift” that happened in the 21st century.

If the 21st century is considered “ancient history,” then it looks like the series’ timeline is taking a massive leap forward. However, since this content was left out of Mirage, it’s unclear if Ubisoft has abandoned those plans or not.

Take this leak with a grain of salt because the authenticity of the video has not been established yet.

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would be great to see the story for the future ones fr


That's dope I always wanted this!!


they are always jumping all over but I think a AC game in the future would be sick tbh

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