Nintendo Switch Reveal Video Pulled from YouTube

Nintendo appears to have taken down its memorable Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, setting it to private on its official YouTube account. It's been seven years since Nintendo first revealed the Nintendo Switch, but fans will likely remember the odd and often-memed video. It features a young woman playing Super Mario Odyssey in her apartment, and then undocking it and taking it to a nearby rooftop party to play with friends. It's unclear why the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer has been set to private at this time.

While the Nintendo Switch was by no means a secret when it was first revealed, it's worth acknowledging that there were significant worries about the platform. This was during the era of the Wii U, when Nintendo's reputation was at its lowest. Fans were worried the Nintendo Switch might be another Wii U tablet setup. Then Nintendo reveals the Switch with this odd live-action trailer featuring young adults at a rooftop party. It was bizarre, to say the least, but it did capture fans' attention.

Starting Wednesday morning, Nintendo fans who visited the URL for the original Nintendo Switch reveal video were met with a message reading, "Video Unavailable: This video is private." Embeds of the video in articles from 2016 when it was published show an identical message. It's no longer available publicly, at least through an official Nintendo source.

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No official reason for the video's removal has been confirmed by Nintendo at this time. These types of video removals do happen from time to time, however. They're usually believed to be done due to rights issues, as licenses for music, trademarks, or other rights expire. The Nintendo Switch reveal trailer does feature a licensed song, a song named "Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)" by the band White Denim. It's possible Nintendo's license to the song expired, necessitating the removal of the video from YouTube.

There are plenty of other theories floating around the internet about why the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer was removed. Some fans think it might be an indication of a looming announcement of the next Nintendo console. Others claim Nintendo removes trailers when it wants fans to focus on something new. This speculation is likely all incorrect, but unsurprising given how excitable Nintendo fans can be.

Regardless of the reason why the video was removed, it does trigger some nostalgia. It's been seven years since the Nintendo Switch was first revealed. The console has since proven itself to be uniquely special, with a lineup of outstanding games. Rumors have also indicated that Nintendo could start the next generation of its consoles in 2024. The reveal trailer disappearing as the Switch may be reaching the end of its lifespan could be oddly symbolic. The rooftop party could be ending soon.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

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yeah, the song did it

they should create their own songs for trailers,
so this doesn't happen again


they getting ready to only push the switch 2 and promote it

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