Analyst expects Sony to react to Activision deal with acquisition

Sony Interactive Entertainment could respond to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard with a major deal of its own.

That’s according to Ampere Analysis’ games research director Piers Harding-Rolls, who believes the PlayStation maker “is under pressure to react” to Xbox’s mega deal.

Almost two years after the acquisition was first announced, last Friday Microsoft officially closed its $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard.

In completing the game industry’s (and Microsoft’s) biggest ever deal, the Xbox maker took ownership of major console and PC franchises including Call of Duty, Warcraft and Diablo, and established a major presence in mobile gaming with the addition of Candy Crush maker King.

“Sony surely is under pressure to react, even after their Bungie acquisition,” Harding-Rolls told “I expect further investments and acquisitions for PlayStation, including a large one that would move the needle for them in a meaningful way.”

Sony acquired Destiny studio Bungie last July in a $3.6 billion deal, which was one of the Japanese company’s largest acquisitions to date.

Midia Research’s senior games analyst Karol Severin said he thought it was unlikely Sony would respond by buying a leading third-party publisher on the scale of Rockstar owner Take-Two, which has a market capitalisation of around $24.6 billion.

However, he suggested Sony could attempt to capitalise on its strength across film, TV, games and music by launching a new cross-entertainment subscription offering.

“Sony has one of the most impressive content catalogues on Earth,” Severin said. “Bringing it together in a subscription offering for example could pose a solid competitive answer to Xbox’s cross-platform efforts.

“It will be increasingly difficult to compete with Microsoft on games only. The only response for Sony on the games-only side would be buying something really big like Take-Two, but that is unlikely.”

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microsoft will most likely mess up the future activision game releases anyways


It'll be cool with Xbox getting the early release stuff once again but I guess it won't matter to me now since I'm on Pc

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