Minecraft Chart Shows Every Mob Not added Into the Game Due to Voting

A Minecraft chart was recently shared that showcased every mob that did not make it into the widely popular game due to the Mob Vote. This chart left many players pondering what could have been and how each of these mobs could have impacted the Minecraft environment.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Minecraft, the introduction of new mobs is determined by the players themselves. Minecraft Mob Votes offer fans the opportunity to shape the game by voting for their favorite creatures to make their debut in the blocky world. In 2023, there were candidates with especially intriguing characteristics for Minecraft's Mob Vote. Over five million players cast their votes, surpassing the previous year's count by two million. The armadillo emerged as the winner, meaning the crab and penguin will not be added to Minecraft.

A Reddit post by the user Oceans24mission features a chart listing 11 mobs that, despite their appeal and potential contributions to Minecraft, have not made it into the game so far due to the outcomes of the yearly voting processes. The image showcases a diverse range of interesting mobs, each brimming with unique characteristics and the promise of enhancing the game's ambiance.

Made a list of everything we have lost due to Minecraft Voting so far. Thoughts? (Updated)
byu/Oceans24mission inMinecraft

Comments on the post reflect the sentiment of the community about this year’s Minecraft Mob Vote winner. Although the armadillo won with 42.3% of the votes, players expressed disappointment about the absence of these other creatures that have been left out from the game in past votes. Many share the opinion that these mobs could have enriched Minecraft's atmosphere, and some of them demand that with every update, developers should add at least one losing mob to the game.

Minecraft Mob Votes have become a tradition in the community, allowing players to have a direct impact on the game's development. However, the idea of not having the rest of these enhancing mobs has driven players to create a petition to end Minecraft Mob Votes.

Some players remain optimistic that these unreleased creatures might eventually find their way into Minecraft in the future. They offer words of encouragement in the post, suggesting that perhaps patience will be rewarded, and they will eventually be added. Nevertheless, Mojang has not addressed any of these comments.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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I'm sure they will come back through an update in the near future ffs


I mean voted out or not they should maybe add some in !

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