New Sonic the Hedgehog Game Rumored to Release in 2024

It looks like Sega is gearing up to release a new Sonic the Hedgehog video game in 2024. As of this coming week, Sonic Superstars is poised to release and will be the latest 2D entry in the long-running platformer series. Back in 2022, Sonic Frontiers came about and ended up being Sonic's first outing set in an open-world. And while it's not yet known if another installment is guaranteed for this coming year, a new leak that may tie back to Sega seems to indicate that another game is right around the corner.

Spotted originally on Reddit (via NintendoEverything), a new presentation that is said to stem internally from Sega has outlined what the publisher will be looking to do with Sonic the Hedgehog over the coming year. In the next few months alone, Sega is said to be releasing its Knuckles TV Series on Paramount+, Season 3 of Sonic Prime on Netflix, and DLC for Sonic Superstars. Additionally, this slide says that a "new game" of some sort tied to Sonic is expected to release in the holiday season of 2024. This game would then line up with the launch of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, which will hit theaters in December of next year.

It's worth stressing that there's currently no way to know if this document is legitimate and has truly come from within Sega. Broadly speaking, Sonic the Hedgehog isn't a franchise that's going to slow down any time soon and Sega will surely continue to release new titles in the series over time. Still, whether or not a new Sonic game will be released in 2024 isn't known to be absolute just yet. As such, take everything that has been outlined here with a major grain of salt for the time being.

What Could Be Sega's Next Sonic Game?

If this leak is legitimate and a new Sonic game is poised to release next year, this raises questions about the nature of the next installment. Given that Sonic Superstars is launching this year, it seems likely that Sega wouldn't look to release another 2D-style game in 2024. Additionally, it still seems too early for a follow-up to Sonic Frontiers to release given the previous gap between 3D Sonic titles. That being said, the positive reception that Sonic Frontiers garnered means that a sequel could one day come about.

Another potential option in this situation could be tied to a Sonic spin-off game. Between games like Sonic Spinball, Sonic Riders, and Sonic Boom, Sega has been known to release a variety of different Sonic titles that deviate from the mainline series. With this in mind, there's a chance that this mysterious and rumored 2024 title could simply be another spin-off of some sort, although we'll have to wait to heart more from Sega in an official capacity to know for certain.

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already an article about this "rumor" which states the new game(s) and other pojects coming out in 2024....


Crazy there putting another one out already

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