Battlefield 2042 Hits All-Time High Player Count on Steam

It took a little more than two years, but it looks like Electronic Arts and DICE are finally finding huge success with Battlefield 2042. Back in 2021 when the latest Battlefield entry first released, the game ended up being a big disappointment to a number of players. Not only was the day one version of the game quite buggy, but many of the new aspects of Battlefield 2042 that deviated from past installments didn't end up being well-received. After continued development and new content updates, though, Battlefield 2042 has now seen a massive resurgence in the wake of Season 6 going live.

Based on data from Steam Charts, Battlefield 2042 hit its highest peak player count in history on October 15. In total, Battlefield 2042 reached 101,362 concurrent players on Steam which is the game's highest point it has reached since November 2022. Beyond this, Battlefield 2042 has also seen a 65% gain in players over the course of the past 30 days. No matter how you look at it, EA's multiplayer shooter seems to be thriving.

Obviously, it's worth noting that we don't know if similar player counts have risen on PlayStation and Xbox platforms for Battlefield 2042. More often than not, though, whenever these totals spike on one platform, they're often seen on others. It should also be stressed that EA did hold a free trial for Battlefield 2042 this weekend that allowed players to check out the game for no cost whatsoever. As such, this seems to be the main reason why player totals jumped so much. Either way, the fact that so many people are even playing BF2042 bodes well for the game's future.

What's New in Battlefield 2042 Season 6?

As mentioned, Season 6: Dark Creations for Battlefield 2042 just went live mere days ago and brought a ton of new content to the experience. Beyond simply adding a new battle pass and various weapons, Season 6 has also put a larger emphasis on close-quarters combat. This is most prominently seen with Redacted, which is BF2042's all-new map that has rolled out. Moving forward, Season 6 of BF2042 will continue to receive more updates and additional content, but it looks like DICE has already started off on a strong note.

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always nice for games to get high player count when they're on sale fr


It's because the game is on sale, that's why.


Maybe cuz the BR coming ? Other than that I wouldn't know why the game ain't great.

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