PS5 Update Makes It Possible to Check for Patches on Games

A baffling PS5 user interface oversight made it impossible to search for software updates if a tile wasn’t showing on your home screen. To illustrate more clearly, if a game wasn’t part of your ten previously played titles, you’d have to load it in order to search for a patch. If there was an update, you’d then have to close the software while it installed.

However, a new update that’s quietly rolling out around the globe will allow you to check for updates on any software installed on your console – including those installed in your Game Library. This means that, if you’re planning to play a game you haven’t for a while, you’ll be able to search for the patch to get it installed before you boot it up.

Now admittedly we haven’t been able to confirm this information at Push Square just yet, because our console isn’t showing the feature. But there are dozens upon dozens of reports all around the web suggesting this is real, so it might just take a little bit longer for the functionality to roll out to everyone. It doesn’t look like a firmware update is needed, so just sit tight and you should get it eventually.

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yeah, always nice for Sony to add features which keeps improving the PS5


Runts Glad they are improving it from being so basic !

Basic? The PS5 is amazing faster loading than Series X so much content and beautiful games that Xbox wishes they had these games lol cough cough Xbox is for losers and fat guys with beards


I've noticed this when I go to play a game I haven't played in a long time, finally have to get an update is a relief!


Glad they are improving it from being so basic !

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