Sony's Allegedly Testing a Super-Secret Soulsborne for PS5

Sony may have hosted tests for a super-secret Soulsborne game, presumably for PS5, this week. The mysterious release was discovered by Reddit, as part of a submission by a market research firm in the UK. According to the listing, the event was scheduled to take place in Oxford Circus between 10th October and 13th October. Given the close proximity to PlayStation UK’s headquarters, it’s safe to assume the Japanese giant was involved. The same company has also conducted consumer analysis for releases like Dreams and Gran Turismo 7.

Of course, the exact nature of the title here is unclear, although some are speculating the game may be upcoming PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin. It’s believed the Team Ninja title will release in early 2024, and so it’s feasible playtests would be taking place right around now if that’s the case. Of course, it’s not yet known whether this outing will have Soulsborne elements, and so it’s also possible the market research being conducted here could relate to another title entirely.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever learn publicly what was the focus of this test, but hopefully it points to the possibility of fresh announcements from PlayStation fairly soon.

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Runts Can't be that secret If we're getting news or an article on it lol

my thoughts exactly fr

well, at least we got an article about it lmao


Can't be that secret If we're getting news or an article on it lol

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