Sam Lake says Alan Wake 2’s free DLC will be ‘significant’

Alan Wake 2’s creative director has teased Remedy’s post-launch plans for the title, telling the audience at EGX this weekend that the DLC will be “pretty significant”.

“We do have free DLC drops coming and they are pretty significant,” he said during a stage interview. “I’m expecting us to be going more into detail pretty soon after the game is out, but all of that will be free for everyone who gets the game.”

Earlier this year Remedy confirmed plans for both free content as well as “two paid expansions”. According to a website FAQ, the expansions are called Night Springs and the Lake House.

Previously scheduled to launch on October 17, Alan Wake 2 will now be released on October 27 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Remedy decided to hold the game back for 10 days so it wouldn’t clash with other big October releases such as Super Mario Bros Wonder and Spider-Man 2.

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nice of them releasing a free DLC fr


It being free is a plus alone ! Good on them for free dlc !

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