PlayStation games on PC may be getting Trophies support

As Sony's collection of PC ports grows larger, it may be looking to bring more features from its consoles over to the platform too. While all ports from the company currently feature achievements to earn on PC, they arrive as part of the platform or launcher being used and do not use the iconic PlayStation Trophies. However, that may be changing.

According to a report by TrueTrophies, a Trophy scanning platform that tracks achievements on the PlayStation Network, Sony is testing a PC version of the system. Its scanners had recently picked up "PSPC" as a new category listing on the PlayStation Network. The listing is reportedly still connected to the PlayStation 5 Trophy system, being a unified system, but it is a separate platform in the network.

As TrueTrophies adds, PSPC could stand for PlayStation PC, the publishing label that Sony has been using for its PC ports.

The achievement lists across former PlayStation exclusive games and their PC ports are generally identical. However, earning one on PC only gives the notification and tracking from the platform in use, may it be Steam or the Epic Games Store. If Sony is working on adding Trophies to its PC ports as well, we may see a PlayStation PC launcher, or an in-game PlayStation Network connection, being introduced.

A similar system is already employed by Microsoft for the PC versions of its numerous Xbox games. Regardless of the store and platform being used by the player, earning an achievement also updates the user's Xbox profile to keep track of the milestone.

Sony has so far not announced any plans to introduce a launcher or bring features from PlayStation Network over to PC. So as usual, take this report with a grain of salt until something official comes through from the company. More games from Sony studios are on the way to PC as well, including Horizon Forbidden West, Helldivers II, and the Marathon reboot.

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never mind the "may be", get it done Sony. would be cool for the PC ports to have the trophies support fr


yeah they fs need to add this soon, xbox has it so would make sense for psn to get it as well

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