PS5 Slim's Digital Edition Gets a Stealth Price Increase in USA

Sony is using the opportunity of the PS5’s smaller, slimmer relaunch to stealthily bump the price of the Digital Edition in the United States. While we already know you’ll need to pay extra for a standalone vertical stand, the organisation has also made the decision to hike the overall cost of the non-Blu-ray unit by $50. This means, moving forwards, the disc-less device will increase from an MSRP of $399.99 to $449.99.

The price of the Blu-ray model has not changed, and costs just $499.99. As the standalone disc drive will retail for $79.99, you’ll actually save $20 stumping up for the bundle as opposed to buying the Digital Edition and Blu-ray add-on separately. The pricing is a bit confusing – especially when you start factoring in other currencies – but the bottom line is that it’ll become more expensive to buy the Digital Edition starting in November in the United States.

Has this put you off purchasing the new model at all? How do you feel about the stealth price increase? Let us know in the comments section below.

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na. would rather have the built-in disc drive, than to spend a lot more money for a stand-alone disc drive


Digital edition sucks only cuz you can't even use dvd movies on it.

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