GTA 6 Rating on Classification Website Hints at Announcement

A rating for Grand Theft Auto 6 has popped up on the Australian Classification website. The game, which has apparently been listed on the website since April 2, has been rated as an MA15+ title for release in Australia, with the rating stating that the game has strong sex scenes and strong drug use.

Interestingly, both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online faced far stricter ratings, getting rated as MA18+ in Australia, thanks in large part to the game’s depiction of drug use, which the Australian Classification board listed as having a strong impact on the game.

While it is unknown whether the listing for Grand Theft Auto 6 is legitimate, or if it is a mistake or even just a placeholder, it could be possible that developer Rockstar Games is gearing to announce the game soon. An announcement towards the end of the year would connect well with the game’s projected launch window of before April 2025.

Grand Theft Auto 6 was the target of a major leak earlier this year. The person who leaked the game, however, has been deemed psychiatrically unfit to stand trial.

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release the game already fr ffs


Man they need to just stop milk teasing it and work on it to drop it's annoying atp.

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