Sony Explains How It Designed the PS5 Access Controller

Sony has recently shared information covering the development process of its upcoming PS5 Access Controller, shedding more light on the intentions and design considerations of the device. The Access Controller will release later this year and is meant to expand the accessibility of Sony's newest console, even when playing games that may be lacking advanced accessibility options.

Designed primarily for gamers facing motor difficulties, the Access Controller is being touted as a flagship accessibility device. The design of the gamepad is distinct yet familiar, boasting the black and white color scheme of the traditional PS5 DualSense, with the same button icons and labels. The Access Controller is noticeably different in terms of core design, meant to be used on a flat surface, resting in a lap, or mounted to a wheelchair or other mobility aid. The device has also been marketed as heavily customizable, with replaceable buttons and adjustable dimensions. The PS5 has been making strides with accessibility, but the Access Controller will be the console's first all-encompassing piece of accessibility hardware.

Sony recently released a video and blog post covering the development process of the Access Controller. The video briefly chronicles the earlier prototypes of the device, highlighting the importance of testing and feedback. Sony notes that the Access Controller has been in development for five years, and has gone through six different iterations. The video and blog post also further detail some of the Access Controller's features, such as its customization options and peripheral attachments, alongside the accessible packaging of the product.

This new information is sure to be appreciated by many fans interested in the accessibility of upcoming PlayStation products. A key focus of this Sony debrief is the rigor with which the design team tested and polished the Access Controller. Generally speaking, putting a product like the Access Controller through several different rounds of testing and redesigning or tweaking it based on feedback from the target consumer base will lead to it being more effective with a broad range of users.

Accessibility in gaming is a broad and complex topic that ranges from commonplace features like the option for an "easy" mode in games all the way to advanced, first-party tech like the Access Controller. The games industry still has a long way to go when it comes to accessibility, but as companies like Sony explore novel accessibility features, more people will be able to experience gaming, which can only be a good thing.

The Sony PlayStation 5 Access Controller releases on December 6th, 2023.

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will take me months to get use to that controller fr lmao


I just need them to do a real nice psn elite controller

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