Starfield Collector’s Edition Watches Have Started Breaking

Starfield players are reporting that the special game-themed watches that were included as part of the game’s collector’s edition have begun breaking down. Several players have taken to the game’s subReddit to complain about the quality of the watches.

So after a month and a week of working just fine, I left it on the charger and a day later… the watch is dead,” posted Reddit user Tovrin on the game’s subReddit. “I tried everything to get it working, including support instructions on the Bethesda website and nothing would bring it back.”

Tovrin had later updated his post to reveal that they had been contacted by Bethesda asking for details of the problems faced by the watch, as well as proof of purchase and address, among other things. Tovrin has not yet revealed whether the company is offering to replace their Starfield collector’s edition watch.

Starfield is currently available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. Having been released back in September, the game recently got a major update that brought with it a host of bug fixes, as well as an FOV slider in the game.

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make them cheap asf and sell they at hight crazy prices


Crappy game and cheap collectors edition items not a surprise. Items like this haven't been good since after the og cods. Last best one was the zombies mini fridge !!

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