Tekken 8's Upcoming Beta Will Boast Impressive AI Ghost Battles

Set to begin on the 20th October, the closed beta test for Tekken 8 will be used to showcase the game's unique 'Super Ghost Battle' mode. First explained during a Tokyo Game Show presentation last month, these AI-based fights sound pretty cool, as player data is used to create incredibly accurate 'ghosts' that anyone can fight against. In theory, this will let you test your skills against friends or even pro competitors without actually having to match up with them.

In the video above, one of Tekken 8's developers goes up against a ghost of himself — and it's rather impressive to see just how accomplished the AI seems to be.

And again, the beta will give you a glimpse of how it all works. "Have you ever wanted to prepare your next fight against your friends or anyone in the online lobby?" asks Bandai Namco's official website. "With TEKKEN 8’s Super Ghost Battles, it’s not just a dream anymore – it’s a feature! When hanging around the TEKKEN Fight Lounge, you will be able to launch a Ghost Battle against through the profile of players who are in the same lobby."

It continues: "Super Ghost Battles start a fight against an AI based on the fighting style of the player you got the ghost; the more they fight on TEKKEN, the more their Ghost Battles will be accurate." It'll be really interesting to see how these ghost fights factor into the way that players learn and adapt to the game.

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always love watching AI battles :lipbite:


The AI battles will be more fun to see than actually playing this game lol.

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