Halo Infinite Season 5 Introduces "Streamlined," Shorter Battle Pass

The next season of Halo Infinite content will of course feature another battle pass for players to work through, but Season 5's version of the free and premium rewards will look a bit different. Developer 343 Industries announced this week some key changes for the seasonal battle pass, changes that namely include cutting it in half to where there are only 50 tiers to work through. Fret not about there being less content than before, however, for 343 Industries reassured players that it'll still be "comparable" to past passes because of the way content has been condensed in this one to give players similar levels of content across half as many tiers.

The developer outlined its plans this week in a preview of the Season 5 content which does make it sound as though it'll be more beneficial for the player, though it's unclear now what, exactly, the grind will look like when it comes to progressing through fewer, denser tiers of content.

Halo Infinite's Season 5 Battle Pass
This season's battle pass will again feature a free and premium version, but overall, it'll only consist of 50 tiers. That's because certain things that were previously spread out amongst different tiers like one armor Coating being unlocked for different Cores at sporadic intervals have now been adjusted so that unlocking a Coating automatically makes it compatible with all different Cores. In a similar fashion, armor pieces have been consolidated.

"Similarly, rather than having to unlock a left and right shoulder across two separate tiers of your pass, in Season 5, you'll unlock a full set in a single tier," 343 Industries said. "Being able to consolidate this type of multi-use content into a single tier has resulted in a much tighter, more efficient pass that will net you more content with less grinding. And speaking of grinding, you'll be able to progress your Battle Pass via Match XP by playing the experiences you want to play (including an all-new Custom Game XP system) in addition to supplemental progression via Challenges."

As for the discrepancies between the free and premium version, both will still exist, and the premium one will still cost 1,000 Credits with the opportunity to earn those back by working through the pass. The free version, however, has similarly been "streamlined" and will now consist of only 20 tiers that require "less gameplay to unlock." It also has an expiration date that'll give you just under a month to claim all its contents seeing how Season 5 starts on October 17th.

"Season 5's free Battle Pass will be active until November 14, 2023," the announcement said. "Upon expiration, the 20 free tiers of content will no longer be available to unlock if you haven't already completed those tiers. Players who would like to finish the pass beyond the stated cut-off date, or decide they want the additional 30 tiers of content, can purchase the Premium Pass in the shop at any point. When the free Battle Pass period ends, players will permanently keep all of the free content they've unlocked prior to the cut-off date."

Halo Infinite's Season 5: Reckoning begins on October 17th.

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