Gamers Are Already Brutally Roasting The PS5 Slim

Over the past few months, rumors had been gathering regarding a potential PS5 Slim announcement at some point this year, with many expecting PlayStation to unveil the console at some kind of big event. That's why it came as quite a shock to many that PlayStation casually confirmed its existence with a series of tweets, and that the PS5 Slim will eventually replace the standard PS5 model once stock has dried up.

You'd think a new console would be cause for excitement amongst gamers, but the general feeling online is the total opposite. People have come out of the woodwork to ridicule the PS5 Slim, some doing so with their tongues firmly in their cheeks, and others pointing out the rather questionable business decisions that Sony has made, which has turned some light ribbing into disappointment and anger.

We'll start off with the light hearted finger pointing, as many have been mocking the console's new design - or lack thereof - on social media pretty relentlessly. Unlike the Slim variations of PlayStation's previous consoles, the PS5 Slim looks no different from the base model. It's sporting a break in the case to cater for the detachable disc drive, and is a little bit smaller than the original, but everything else is virtually the same, causing many to mock this "new look" with an avalanche of jokes and memes.

In particular, many have singled out the console's horizontal support strut, which looks to be a tiny piece of plastic that you prop underneath the PS5 Slim to ensure that it doesn't topple over. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain to you how a piece of plastic holding up the entire PS5 is prime joke material, but gamers have gone to town on the poor thing, including jokes about Insomniac keeping PlayStation in business and the piece of plastic resembling Radahn's horse in Elden Ring.

Things turn from playful teasing to irritation when you realize that you'll have to put your PS5 Slim in the horizontal position if you don't want to pay any extra cash on top of your console. For some bizarre reason, PlayStation is making those of you who want to display your PS5 Slim vertically pay an additional $29.99 for a separate special stand.

Then there's the realization that since the PS5 Slim Digital will eventually replace the current model, the console has essentially just received a stealth price increase of $50 in the US, as the original costs $399.99 while this new Slim model will set you back $449.99. You do get slightly more storage for your cash, but the separate stand and the price increase have combined to paint a not very flattering picture of PlayStation right now.

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yeah, I have my PS5 horizontal (like my other consoles - it's healthier for it)

will be getting a slim in due time fr


I want the slim tbh wish I could send my ps5 in and get a slim free lol


Don't understand the roast, I honestly like the slim design.

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