Counter-Strike 2 Faces Criticism From Fan Base, Sits at Mixed Reviews

Since its release back in September, Counter-Strike 2 has gone on to become one of the rare titles for developer Valve where the critical reception doesn’t match expectations. At the time of publishing, the game currently sits at an aggregate of mixed user reviews on Steam.

Reasons for negative reviews for Counter-Strike 2 are quite varied, with many players complaining about the game’s technical issues, while others yet talking about how Valve should not have de-listed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are also players calling the fact that Counter-Strike 2‘s user reviews are merged with those of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as the title is a free upgrade over its predecessor, as dishonest.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player Oleksander ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has also gone on to warn players against picking up Counter-Strike 2, stating that players should instead give the game a few months to become better with updates down the line.

Valve also recently revealed that Counter-Strike 2 will not be coming to macOS or 32-bit Windows operating systems. The game will only be available on 64-bit Windows and Linux systems.

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in 3 months time it should be improved, right?

well, we will find out by then


yeah it wasnt as great as everyone thought it would be

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