PS5 Console Covers Won't Be Compatible on New PS5 Slim

Sony has confirmed that its existing PlayStation 5 Console Covers will not work with the upcoming slim models of the PS5 that are set to release in November. Since launching back in 2020, Sony has slowly released a number of additional Console Covers for the PS5 that change the platform's look. These additional PS5 faceplates have come in black, red, pink, or even limited edition variants, most notably seen with the recent Marvel's Spider-Man 2 version. Unfortunately, for any PlayStation fans that might currently own these Console Covers, they won't end up fitting on the new PS5 slim hardware.

In a statement shared by a representative at PlayStation with, it was made clear that the Console Covers that are currently available will not function with the forthcoming PS5 hardware. In some ways, this isn't much of a shock given that the slimmer models of the PS5 have faceplates that are now separated into four sections rather than two. Despite this disappointing news, Sony says it still plans to release Console Covers for new PS5 hardware starting next year.

"There will be a variety of PS5 Console Cover colors for the new model starting in early 2024, including an all-matte Black colorway and the Deep Earth Collection colors in Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver," a representative from Sony said. "Additional colors will also be released in the future."

Again, this likely doesn't come as a huge surprise, especially given the new dimensions and size of the PS5 Slim. Compared to the original model, Sony's new PS5 hardware is 30% smaller and has lost between 18-24% of its heft, depending on the version of the console. With this in mind, it always seemed likely that the existing Console Covers wouldn't work on this new hardware, but this move still might make it harder for current PS5 owners to make the jump to the slimmed versions.

PS5 Slim Release Date and Price

Currently, Sony hasn't shared a specific release date for the updated PS5 slim consoles. Broadly speaking, the new hardware will release in November 2023 through Sony's PlayStation Direct service and at select retail stores. The Standard Edition of the PS5 will continue to cost $499.99 while the Digital Edition will now be valued at $449.99, which represents a $50 increase compared to the previous version.

When it comes to the reason behind this price change, it comes with the new form factor of the PS5. Unlike before, the Digital Edition of the PS5 will be modular and will allow users to buy a separate Blu-Ray disc drive that can then be attached to the console. This means that if those who purchase the Digital Edition decide in the future that they want to use discs for one reason or another, the option will be available to them. Additionally, Sony has increased the internal storage of both of its new PS5 models to 1TB, which might play a part in this higher price.

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Hmm, of course, it's smaller...


sure, they make new ones which will, and get more cash :lipbite:


figured so. I really want a slim but not going to upgrade it

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