EA Sports FC 24 Hits 11 Million Players During Launch Week

EA Sports FC 24 officially launched on September 29, though it had been out in early access since September 22. Early reports suggested that sales were slightly down compared to FIFA 23, somewhat due to the loss of the FIFA license. However, those initial reports were based on the fact that physical sales in the UK were down 30%. Earlier today, Electronic Arts announced that, in spite of lower physical sales in one of its biggest markets, the total player count for EA Sports FC 24 is actually up slightly compared to last year.

The news comes via Games Industry, which reported that EA Sports FC 24 "has reached a player count of 11.3 million globally" since its launch. Likewise, EA Sports FC Mobile reached 11.2 million users just ten days after its release. EA Sports president Cam Weber said, "In addition to welcoming back millions of our longtime players, new players in FC 24 are up nearly 20% year over year, showing the excitement of football fans everywhere to join the Club."

Those are both massive milestones for Electronic Arts and one of the big reasons why EAFC 24 might have gotten a player count boost because of the Nintendo Switch version, of all things. In the past, the Switch version was a simple roster update on old technology. With EA Sports FC 24, the team has finally given the Switch version an overhaul. That's not to say it's a big upgrade on the pitch, but it is at least a new game for the first time since Nintendo's machine launched.

What's Next For EA Sports FC 24?

With the increased playerbase across the console and mobile versions, EA Sports FC 24 will be looking to capitalize. One of the best ways for EA to do that is by delivering quality content for Ultimate Team. Thus far, the content team has been focused on the Champions League and other European tournaments with the Road to the Knockouts promo. The promo has been going for two weeks now and includes player cards that can be upgraded based on real-world performances.

Past that, it's anyone's guess. EA previously announced that Ultimate Team players would be getting new Evolutions each week during Season 1, but has yet to deliver. Hopefully, we start to see some of those coming to the game in the next few days, as Evolutions have been the most popular addition to EAFC this year.

Either way, we'll soon be onto the next promo in Ultimate Team. There are tentative rumors that it will be called Trailblazers and feature players who have had a hot start to the league season. That said, those rumors haven't come from any of the more reputable EA Sports FC 24 leakers, so it's hard to say if it will turn out to be a legitimate leak at this point.

EA Sports FC 24 is out now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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so many players for a copy and paste franchise


these fans are crazy id never pay this much for any new release sprots games

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