Halo Infinite Season 5: Reckoning Launches October 17th

343 Industries has released the launch trailer of Halo Infinite Season 5 titled Reckoning. It adds a new Battle Pass with Armor Cores, weapon skins inspired by the Flood and two new maps – Prism and Forbidden. The season goes live on October 17th – check out the trailer below.

Prism is in a cave with some crystals that function like the Needler – shoot them, and they’ll explode to home in on an enemy. Forbidden is an open-air location with several bridges at high altitudes, which looks treacherous. Extraction from Halo 4 also returns, reimagined, and Forge AI can be added to Custom Games.

Those who spend time in the Custom Games Browser can now earn Battle Pass XP from the same. Other neat features include an Infinite Mark VI Armor Kit as a Hero Rank reward and the ability to equip helmets across different Armor Cores. Finally, Firefight is coming in a King of the Hill variant, though it arrives later in the season. Stay tuned for more details on Season 5: Reckoning in the coming days.

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they've been dragging this game out far too long fr


They need to just move onto the next one !

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