New Super Monkey Ball Game Rumored to Release in 2024

A new rumor has claimed that Sega is gearing up to release its next installment in the Super Monkey Ball series in 2024. Over the past decade, Super Monkey Ball as a franchise has largely been on ice. Outside of a couple of remasters and remakes, Sega has chosen to keep Monkey Ball on the sidelines and hasn't released a new title on consoles in over 15 years with Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Fortunately, it sounds like this long gap between releases could finally come to an end in the next year.

According to an insider by the name of Zippo, who has had accurate scoops in the past, Sega is currently working on a new Super Monkey Ball game that it should release in 2024. As for the developer of this game, Ryu Ga Gotoku is said to be helming the project. Best known for its work on the Like a Dragon (Yakuza) series, RGG Studio most recently was the company behind Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD and Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania. With this in mind, it's not a huge shock to hear that the studio may now get to helm its own original entry after creating these remasters.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this new rumor is that it claims the next Super Monkey Ball game will essentially be coming to every platform. That doesn't just include PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, but also Nintendo's next console, which many fans are simply dubbing "Switch 2" for the time being. This rumor specifically states that this Monkey Ball game will be one of the first titles that ends up launching on the hardware when it arrives next year. Although Nintendo itself hasn't even confirmed that it's working on a new console, previous reports have claimed that Switch 2 is currently lining up to release in the second half of 2024.

"You'll be happy to know then, that the next installment starring SEGA's favorite simians is in the works at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. That studio is a true workhorse, I tell you what," they wrote in their latest blog. "You'll be even more happy to know that this game will be on every platform under the sun, that includes PS5, Xbox, Steam, and of course, Nintendo's new console. In fact, I'm hearing that this new game will most likely be one of the first games releasing in the early months of the new console. [...] Look forward to an announcement next year."

Per usual, it's worth stressing that you take this rumor with a grain of salt for the time being. Given Sega's renewed focus on bringing back older Super Monkey Ball games in recent years, it would be quite logical to now see a new title come about. Still, until Sega formally announces this game for itself, it's best to keep your expectations in check in case this rumor doesn't end up panning out.

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Runts This is def for a switch type of game

yup, it sure is, but they're going to release it for the other platforms



This is def for a switch type of game

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