Silent Hill 2 Remake News May Be Imminent

News about the Silent Hill 2 remake may be coming very soon. The Silent Hill franchise is one of the most revered horror franchises, not just in gaming, but all of horror entertainment. The games tap into some deeply psychological stories and have tons of eerie, disturbing content that largely stems from the titular foggy town. Sadly, Konami put the series on ice during the 2010s after it decided to largely walk away from AAA console gaming for a time. It even canceled a new game in the series from renowned game developer Hideo Kojima after a falling out between the two parties.

Fans have been waiting a very long time for Silent Hill to return as there hasn't been a new game in the series in over a decade. Last year, Konami confirmed it was reviving the series with multiple new games including a remake of Silent Hill 2, the most acclaimed game in the franchise. Some fans are a bit concerned that a remake could fail to capture the magic of the series, but are still waiting in anticipation. The game was announced last fall and there has been no notable official updates since then. Some hoped it would appear at one of the summer gaming events, but that didn't happen. However, with some movement on other Silent Hill projects and a backend update to Silent Hill 2 remake on Steam, it seems like we could be treated to some news soon. The game's Steam page was recently updated with achievements and new subtitles, which suggests that we may be getting closer to launch.

Achievements tend to be one of the last things done on a game as you want most, if not all, of the content to be locked in place before deciding what would trigger an achievement. Subtitles also likely wouldn't be locked in place until the main dialogue has been recorded. Of course, we are just speculating, but these are somewhat notable updates and we may get some news on the game before the end of the year. If we're lucky, maybe this means Silent Hill 2 remake is close to releasing and will come out early 2024, similar to the window the Dead Space remake filled this year.

Who Is Making Silent Hill 2 Remake?
Silent Hill 2 remake will be developed by a studio outside of Konami's walls. Bloober Team, the team behind Blair Witch, The Medium, and other recent psychological horror games are leading the charge on the project. The team aims to be faithful to the original while also modernizing it to make it fresh for veterans and newcomers alike.

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glad they're doing remake for this franchise

love the SH games


These games are creepy asl the 2nd has been in talks for a long time now

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