LORDS OF THE FALLEN - Official Cinematic Launch Trailer

Lords of the Fallen has today released a new launch trailer ahead of its (re-)debut on Friday the 13th.

“Set in the vast and interconnected land of Mournstead, Lords of the Fallen follows one of the fabled Lamp-bearers as they embark on an epic quest to stop the impending return of the demon god, Adyr,” reads a press release.

“Humanity’s final hope againfwst Adyr and his hordes will traverse between the parallel worlds of the living (Axiom) and dead (Umbral) through the use of a mysterious and otherworldly lamp, overcome colossal and nightmarish monstrosities in both planes of existence, and can – when needed – work with another Crusader through the game’s seamless, uninterrupted co-op,” it continued.

Expect Lords of the Fallen from 13 October on Windows PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS5. You can download the latest Lords of the Fallen cheats and trainers from WeMod.

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the game does look so amazing, hope the gameplay is great


Oh yeah this one looks amazing !

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