Counter-Strike 2 stops surrender trolls with latest CS2 patch

Counter-Strike 2 games can go on for a while, so there’s nothing quite as frustrating as losing a game you had in the bag for reasons outside your control. We’ve all been there; you’re pretty sure you’ve got the other team beat but one person on your team suddenly drops. You’re already close to victory, though, and the four of you can probably close it out – but one of your teammates decides otherwise, and forces a surrender vote through by themselves. No more, however, thanks to the latest set of CS2 patch notes.

The latest CS2 update includes a much-requested change to the way surrender votes work, now requiring a majority of players to agree on the vote to pass it. That means you’ll no longer have to give up on a Counter-Strike 2 match at the behest of a single player’s decision to surrender, as was the case previously. That’s a huge boon for the multiplayer game, and puts control back into the hands of the team as a whole. After all, who doesn’t love an underdog story?

That’s not all, as this CS2 patch also fixes an issue that caused kicked players to lose the maximum CS Rating possible. Now, they’ll get the correct CS Rating based on the final outcome of the match – something that prevents players from maliciously booting out a solo teammate right at the end of a match and inflicting a massive penalty to their CS2 rank.

There’s also a fix for an animation cancel that could be performed by holding the inspect key when throwing a grenade, and some bug fixes on CS2 maps Nuke, Vertigo, Anubis, and Overpass.

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yeah, if they happen to drop out when you're winning,
then they're dong it for the other team, the 2 faced biatches


Ah cmon let the players have fun lmao

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