Nintendo Switch 2 Report Reveals Release Date and Price

A new report about the rumored Nintendo Switch 2 claims to know the price of the console and the release date of the new Nintendo console. Whether the report is true, there's no way of confirming one way or another, but the information comes from the source that has accurately leaked information in the past. The biggest bit of information of the report is no doubt the release date, which the report claims is September 24, 2024, which is a Tuesday. This is apparently the internal target date, however, Nintendo has already apparently prepared a backup date of November 3, 2024, in case the unexpected happens and the first date is either not attainable or desirable.

It's worth noting this information differs from previous rumors, all of which have claimed the next Nintendo console is releasing in the first half of 2024. That said, the closer we get to turn of the year with no word from Nintendo, the more inaccurate these previous rumors appear.

Adding to this, it's claimed the console -- codenamed NG -- has two intended models, one of which will cost $400 and one of which that will cost $450. The cheaper model will be an all-digital version of the console.

Expanding on all of these details, it's mentioned that the NG codename is not a codename Nintendo is using, but is being used among developers who have received the console. AR features are also mentioned by the report, as is a lack of an OLED screen. In other words, the display will be an LED screen.

"First off is the 'NG' codename, of which I've been told it's not a codename from Nintendo, and rather seems like a codename
given to developers," says the leaker. "Second, I was reaffirmed about the details of the SKU however they mentioned that the price point is still subject to change in case anything happens. The release date was also reaffirmed with a target for the 24th of September next year, but I was also told that the November-fallback release date is the 3rd of November in case something goes wrong. Finally, my source reaffirmed the existence of AR features and that it doesn't seem to have an OLED screen."

And this is the extent of the report, which comes from Soldier Delta. Is any of it true? That's a good question we don't have the answer to. It all sounds plausible, but right now there's no way to confirm or deny this information. That said, it's worth noting that even if this information, which has yet to draw any type of comment from Nintendo, is completely accurate, it doesn't mean it will remain accurate as everything is always subject to change.

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decent enough price for both versions

hope they do extremely well


this is going to sell like hot cakes again lol

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