Lords of the Fallen’s Deluxe Edition Gives a Unique Early Advantage

Lords of the Fallen is coming hot off the heels of Lies of P and creates a dynamic take on dark fantasy with two realms to traverse in its hard IP reboot. Early access has already shown off the earliest hours of the game via influencers who were able to broadcast it this past week, and its release next weekend is highly anticipated as a result. It seems as if there’ll be a lot to indulge in with CI Games’ action-RPG and while that alone is a big undertaking, there is also the question of which class players may want to start as, which might not matter later into the game, but can have a profound effect on their initial experiences.

Builds in Soulslikes and action-RPGs alike can be incredibly important to consider before diving in, especially if Lords of the Fallen ends up being remotely comparable to FromSoftware action-RPGs. These kinds of games are notorious for never holding the player’s hand and allowing them to navigate the world themselves, making build decisions a mess of trial and error unless players know what they have available beforehand. Lords of the Fallen’s classes have all been revealed by now, but there is one “build” players will only have immediate access to if they have purchased the deluxe edition: the Dark Crusader.

Soulslike Action-RPGs Make the Player’s Choice of Build a Hard One

Many Soulslikes and action-RPGs nowadays follow FromSoftware’s structure of opening with a character customization menu that depicts their character avatar, as well as the stats, items, and classes they are able to select for the beginning of their journey. Their stats and items are typically determined by which class they choose, and it is an even more common trend to include a deplorable character class that only masochistic players would want to select for their first playthrough—Bloodborne’s Waste of Skin, Dark Souls’ Deprived, and now Lords of the Fallen’s Condemned.

Moreover, Soulslike character customization screens are also often where players might spend a lot of time simply fine-tuning their avatar’s facial and bodily features. But in action-RPGs, it is certainly advisable that fans carefully inspect what each starting class can offer them in order to find one that would most accurately match their preferred playstyle.

Between Lords of the Fallen’s Hallowed Knight, Udirangr Warwolf, Partisan, Mournstead Infantry, Blackfeather Ranger, Exiled Stalker, Orian Preacher, Pyric Cultist, and Condemned, there is surely no shortage of choices to mull over between how interesting their fashion choices are and what advantages they might start the player off with. That said, while the Dark Crusader is technically not a class in the traditional sense, it is being offered as a build players can ascribe to themselves if they have Lords of the Fallen’s deluxe edition perks.

Lords of the Fallen’s Deluxe Edition Helps Players Choose Their Build Early

That said, while Lords of the Fallen’s Dark Crusader is technically not a class in the traditional sense, it is being offered as a build players can ascribe to themselves if they have Lords of the Fallen’s deluxe edition. Essentially, starting classes are assortments of gear, items, weapons, and other such resources that can all be retrieved somehow within the game, and therefore they aren't classes in the sense of players being restricted to those stats and items.

The Dark Crusader class is then an assortment of the same inventory that players can eventually discover, but are given it at the beginning of the game if they wish to utilize its wares. The Dark Crusader build is then composed of the Dark Crusader armor set, Holy Light Explosives, Isaac’s Longsword, and the Paladin’s Pendant.

Lords of the Fallen fans will be familiar with how this class’ gear looks because the Dark Crusader appearance has been Lords of the Fallen’s mascot in marketing and key art since the game’s reveal, and while it’s unknown how strong this build is supposed to be it would make sense for it to be a bit more advanced than one of the other starting builds if its early unlock is locked behind a paywall. Still, this early unlock could be withheld for the deluxe edition due to how iconic it is, too.

It’s actually intriguing that the mascot aesthetic of the game is not normally found until later, and fans might find that to be more fascinating with other original classes seeming more authentic as a result. Either way, this won’t necessarily be an advantage or guarantee in terms of a better build, but if players already know that they would like to don the Dark Crusader build and role-play as the game’s mascot, the deluxe edition basically helps solve the issue of which class or build they should start Lords of the Fallen with.

Lords of the Fallen launches on October 13 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. You can download the latest Lords of the Fallen Trainers and cheats from WeMod.

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always nice to have an early release like this to give you advantages against the enemies :lipbite:


love when they actually grant you stuff worth it or let you play a week or w.e early

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