Valve may be quietly plotting a stealthy Steam Deck refresh

While Valve has continuously and categorically ruled out the possibility of an immediate Steam Deck successor, this hasn’t stopped it from tinkering with the device’s existing hardware configuration. Now, a recently discovered document may suggest that a further refresh of its handheld PC could be on the cards.

Following the initial discovery of references to a device known only as ‘Valve Corporation Model 1030’, a new document on the FCC website provides more details on this new hardware.

Sharing the discovery in an X (Twitter) post, SadleyItsBradley speculates that the device “seems to be a revised Steam Deck model.” While not much is known about the hardware, Bradley continues that it will at the very least boast “a new Wi-Fi card capable of the 6E (6GHz) spectrum.”

Examining the document reveals that it’s for a Class Permission Change for a certified Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth chip. Furthermore, the FCC document states that the “intention of this application is to enable the modular certified FCC ID: XMR2023FC66EB to be integrated in Valve Steam Deck/Model: 1030.”

Currently, a Steam Deck Model 1030 doesn’t exist, although 1010 has been used to identify the existing models of the handheld, and 1007 has been used for the Valve Index respectively. To be clear, though, it’s unlikely that this refers to a potential Steam Deck 2.

While improved Wi-Fi speeds on the Steam Deck would be welcome, I’d sooner hope to see an OLED model or one with higher built-in storage. Recent competitors, the ASUS ROG Ally, and the soon-to-be released Lenovo Legion Go, both have 1TB versions available, leaving the 512GB Steam Deck feeling somewhat behind the times. Although you can pick up a microSD card to increase your storage space, having that amount of storage available from the get go would be a literal game changer.

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well, if it does happen, great for them doing so


This will make many people happy

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