How long is Lords of the Fallen?

How long is Lords of the Fallen? Hexworks’ grimdark soulslike reboot promises to send players on an epic journey across Mournstead in order to stop the resurrection of a demon god. You can expect your playthrough to involve traversing multiple worlds and inevitably dying to tough-as-nails bosses. But just how long will it take to complete the story and save the world? We’ve got the answers.

There are plenty of factors that can affect the length of time it takes to beat Lords of the Fallen. For a start, the Lords of the Fallen classes all have their own benefits and drawbacks – so if you’re looking to beat the action-adventure game in record time, the best Lords of the Fallen builds should do the trick. That being said, here’s how long it takes to beat Lords of the Fallen according to the developers.

How long to beat Lords of the Fallen
Lords of the Fallen takes between 25-30 hours to complete according to executive producer Saul Gascon. However, completionists can expect their playthrough to take even longer, with bonus replayability on the table thanks to new game plus.

The length of time it takes to beat Lords of the Fallen also depends on your own experience with soulslike games – if you’re completely new to the genre, it may take you several attempts to beat the Lords of the Fallen bosses standing in your way. Equally, you can expect it to take far less time to reach the end credits if you’re bringing a friend along in Lords of the Fallen multiplayer. However, we anticipate the average playtime to hover around that 25-30 hour mark.

Now that you know how long Lords of the Fallen is, be sure to keep an eye out for the best Lords of the Fallen weapons that can aid you on your quest. It’s also vital to take advantage of everything the Lords of the Fallen Umbral Lamp has to offer, whether that’s placing bonfires or navigating inaccessible areas. Finally, we’ve got all the details on Lords of the Fallen crossplay if you’re planning to catch up with fellow Dark Crusaders on console. You can download the latest Lords of the Fallen Trainers and cheats from WeMod.

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25-30 hours is decent enough

in due time, someone will end up doing a speedrun within 1 hour ffs lmao


a game that looks that good better be pretty long and lasting

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