The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Fixes Cross-Play Issues

A new update has gone live in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, predominantly focused on stability and some issue fixes. The most notable of these changes is that cross-play has been re-enabled for players on PC, once again allowing them to play alongside those on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. To enable these changes, players on PC must restart the game, in order to get the latest version.

Over the last few days, Gun Media has offered information on some new content coming to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This month will see the release of a brand-new version of Leatherface designed by horror legend Greg Nicotero. Nicotero is best known for his special make-up effects on The Walking Dead. Nicotero's horror history extends long beyond that, working on countless films over the years. This includes multiple entries in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, including 1990's Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.

Nicotero Leatherface will be considered "premium content," and will cost $15.99. In addition to the new look, Nicotero Leatherface will have a custom saw with unique sound and a signature kill. The new design will feature a mask with skin dangling off, and parts of his real face showing underneath. The character's iconic apron is also getting ditched in favor of suspenders and rolled up sleeves. In a video discussing the new design, it was revealed that the backstory behind this design is that Leatherface has been recruited by the Hitchhiker to dig up some bodies. Since Leatherface will be working in the Texas heat, he has clothing that will prove a bit more practical!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's Upcoming Content
On Twitter, some fans of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre have balked at the price for Nicotero Leatherface. For transparency, Gun Media followed the reveal with a diagram outlining upcoming content and what it will cost. Those that aren't looking to spend more will be happy to know that free content will come in the form of new maps. There will also be optional cosmetics ($4.99), executions ($6.99), victim and family characters ($9.99) and premium content ($16.99).

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yeah, the cross-play was a must to fix fr


The game is extremely fun, but very discouraging with the queue times and people not readying up, hopefully they fix it at some point. Significantly less players compared to even a month ago, I'm still enjoying it very much!


Good deal ! This game is amazing for partying up with friends ! Very fun game.

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