Five Nights at Freddy's Has Made Back its Budget Before Release

Five Nights at Freddy's won't be releasing for a few more weeks, but the movie has already made more than it cost to produce, according to a recent article in Fortune. The outlet spoke with Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum, who revealed that streaming and theatrical rights for the video game adaptation are the reason Five Nights at Freddy's is off to such a strong start. The movie was apparently a more expensive one for Blumhouse, costing more than $20 million. The higher cost was attributed to the animatronics for the movie's villains, which were created by Jim Henson Studios. However, it seems the investment is already paying off!

When Does FNAF Come Out?
Five Nights at Freddy's will be releasing in theaters and on Peacock on October 27th. With that release date, the movie is poised to be one of the biggest horror films of the Halloween season. It will be interesting to see whether fans of the series opt to see the movie in theaters, or if they go the streaming route. With the movie's PG-13 rating, Five Nights at Freddy's will also have a chance at capturing a wider audience than a lot of other horror films.

Five Nights at Freddy's will offer a loose adaptation of the original game in the series. In the movie, Mike Schmidt (Josh Hutcherson) takes a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a rundown chain that had been popular in the '80s. While the restaurant is long closed, Mike and his sister Abby (Piper Rubio) quickly discover that the animatronics still work... though they're a lot scarier at night. The first game in the series released in 2014, and spawned a massive franchise. The series has a passionate following, and fans are excited to see if the movie can offer a faithful take on the source material.

"People are more rabid about Five Nights at Freddy's than anything I've ever worked on," Blum told Fortune.

How Long is Five Nights at Freddy's?

As revealed last month, Five Nights at Freddy's will have a runtime of 1 hour and 50 minutes. That's not unusual for a horror movie, but the announcement was made after rumors that suggested it would have a runtime closer to 3 hours. While those obsessed with the FNAF lore wouldn't have minded the movie being that long, it probably wouldn't hold as much appeal for casual audiences. Just under two hours is kind of the sweet spot, and could help to ensure a sequel. It remains to be seen whether Five Nights at Freddy's will do well enough to earn a second film, but with the movie already breaking even for Blumhouse, things are clearly off to a strong start!

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good to see them doing great before it's release


Awesome good for them ! Can't wait to see how the movie does !

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