Discord is ending support for 32-bit Windows on December 1

The support for using a PC with a Windows 32-bit operating system is getting smaller and smaller. This week, the gaming-themed online messaging service Discord announced it would end its support for running its Windows app client on Windows 32-bit operating systems on December 1, 2023.

In a support post, Discord stated:

To continue receiving updates and support for your Discord client, you must upgrade to a 64-bit OS version of Windows after this date.

The support post added that while the app may still offer "basic functionality" on Windows 32-bit operating systems after December 1, its continued function and stability "is not guaranteed" since it won't be getting any more updates.

Older Windows 32-bit PC users can continue to access Discord via web browsers if they meet the service's minimal requirements.

In May 2020, Microsoft announced it would no longer offer any 32-bit Windows operating systems that to OEM PC makers. Since then, those companies have shipped PC with Windows in 64-bit versions pre-installed.

Other apps and even games have dropped 32-bit support, including Valve's DOTA 2 in September 2021. AMD and NVIDIA dropped their GPU driver support for 32-bit systems way back in 2018.

The fact that Discord is only just now dropping 32-bit support for its Windows app shows many of its users have continued to use those older operating systems.

Meanwhile, Discord continues to update its service with new platforms and new features. Discord voice support was added to Microsoft's Xbox One and Series X|S consoles in September 2022 and the same feature was added to Sony's PlayStation 5 console in March 2023.

Last month, Microsoft released an Xbox feature update that added, among other things, support for streaming game video over to Discord channels. Discord has also hinted that more features are in the works for Xbox console gamers.

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Source: https://www.neowin.net/news/the-discord-app-is-ending-support-for-32-bit-windows-operating-systems-on-december-1/


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geez, pity for those who are still on 32-bit windows


That's wild fr but honestly I get it even though it is not really needed to end the support

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