Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Name Change Leads to Controversy

Square Enix dropped a bomb on social media when it revealed the pronunciation of "Cait Sith" one of the playable characters from Final Fantasy VII. The character only made a brief appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but will have a much larger role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth when it releases on February 29. In that game, players can expect to hear the name pronounced as "Kate Sihth." The announcement came as a major surprise to fans, who had long assumed the name would be pronounced "ket she." That would have made more sense, as the Final Fantasy character is based on a creature that originated in Celtic folklore.

Reception to Square Enix's Tweet has been met with a lot of controversy! On one hand, those unfamiliar with the character's Celtic roots are happy to see their pronunciation given approval. However, those that are more familiar with it are frustrated to see the character's roots ignored in this way. Many have pointed out that the character's Japanese name is actually more authentic to the original Celtic. Cait Sith has also had a Scottish accent in most localizations, making it all the more puzzling that Square Enix wouldn't use the Celtic pronunciation for the character's name.

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Cait Sith!

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they need to do this in it's proper pronunciation fr


Hate when games so this it's pointless and only do it to make certain people happy

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