Fortnite is adding in-game age ratings for user-created content

All experiences published in Fortnite will soon be required to have an age rating in a move designed to protect players from accessing unsuitable content.

Epic has partnered with the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) to introduce the new system, which will apply to all first and third-party playable content starting on November 14, 2023.

To be assigned an age rating, creators will be required to fill out an IARC content rating questionnaire, which will then be reviewed by Epic moderators.

Creators will receive an age-based classification for the content of their island, plus region-specific ratings from IARC-participating rating authorities including the ESRB (North America), PEGI (Europe) and ACB (Australia).

The IARC questionnaire will be available in the Creator Portal from October 16. Any islands yet to be rated by November 14 will be delisted.

Epic said IARC-assigned ratings, which range from E to Teen, will be prominently displayed prior to accessing islands.

Once they go live, new parental control options will enable users to set content age rating limits that universally block islands above a certain classification, although there will also be an option to unlock specific islands that exceed the set ratings threshold using a PIN.

“By implementing the IARC rating system within Fortnite, Epic continues to elevate its commitment to providing families with tools to make informed decisions about which experiences are appropriate for their children,” said Patricia Vance, president of ESRB and chairperson of IARC.

“As Fortnite evolves from its Battle Royale roots into a broader ecosystem containing a variety of content from Epic and other creators, it’s especially important that parents have a clear understanding of what their children want to access.”

Last week, Epic said it will be increasing the price of Fortnite V-Bucks and some real money content packs beginning on October 27.

It also announced plans to lay off around 830 employees, or 16% of its total workforce.

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yeah, they would need to, most of them are between the ages f 10 and 14 ffs


Oh wow that's crazy. Wouldn't think that they would need to do this lol

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