Dead by Daylight Roadmap Outlines Huge Halloween Event

Unsurprisingly, one of Dead by Daylight's biggest yearly events is the annual Halloween event. After all, it's tough to find a better match than Dead by Daylight's brand of horrific multiplayer gameplay and the spookiest holiday on the calendar. Today, the developers at Behaviour Interactive dropped the roadmap for this year's Haunted by Daylight event and it looks to be a doozy. The whole thing kicks off on October 18, but there are several other things to look forward to while you wait for the Halloween season to come to Dead by Daylight.

The Halloween festivities actually started today in Dead by Daylight. Behaviour dropped new real-world merch into its online store. The latest product line includes hats, t-shirts, keychains, a gaming mat, and a limited-edition poster. Obviously, you'll need to shell out extra, but if you're a big fan of the game and want some new merch to celebrate the season, Behaviour has you covered.

Things start to pick up on October 11 when Dead by Daylight gets Tome 17: Commitment. This update includes" new Outfits for The Oni, Feng Min, The Dredge, Adam Francis, and much more." There will also be new Charms to unlock and new memories for The Oni and Feng Min. October 13 is when things really start to heat up though, as that's when Behaviour will host a live stream for the Haunted by Daylight event.

At this point, we don't know too much about the newest iteration of the yearly event. Behaviour says it's "bringing a new Event Tome, the unsettling Void Realm, and plenty of trick and treats," but is keeping a tight lid on the specifics. However, it does say that new daily rewards will be unlocked throughout the event. You'll be able to log in and grab new items from the event's launch on October 18 until November 6. The event will also bring back all of the previous Halloween Outfits, so if you missed one or are a newcomer to the game, you'll have the chance to pick up some old favorites.

Finally, the Hallowed Blight Collection will return on October 24. That means new Outfits for The Xenomorph, The Onryō, and Yoichi Asakawa. As you can see, there's a ton of content coming with the yearly Halloween event, which makes sense. This is generally one of the biggest events of the year and Behaviour Interactive is going all-out once again.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC. Make sure to stay tuned for the October 13 livestream to learn exactly what's coming in the Haunted by Daylight event.

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a huge halloween event is a must for DBD fr


I have not played this yet but it does look real fun and kinda creepy

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