Windows 11's market share on Steam is down to 37%

According to the latest reports, one out of four PC users run Windows 11 on their computer. However, things are slightly different in the gaming market, where Microsoft's latest operating system is much more popular. Valve has released its monthly Steam Hardware & Software Survey results, revealing over 37% of gamers using Windows 11.

Windows 10 bounced back up after dipping below 56% in August 2023. The aging operating system now holds almost 57.97%, a 1.99 points increase over the previous month.

Windows 11 is in second place with 37.43% and a minus 1.79 points compared with August 2023. Windows 11 and 10 together hold more than 95% of all users on Steam, which will change soon as Valve plans to drop pre-Windows 10 versions in January 2024 due to the recent end of support for Chromium on Windows 7 and 8.

Windows 10 64-bit - 57.97% (+1.99 points)
Windows 11 - 37.43% (-1.79 points)
Windows 7 64-bit - 1.23% (+0.21 points)
Windows 8.1 64-bit - 0.18% (-0.04 points)
Windows 7 32-bit - 0.06% (-0.02 points)

Other operating systems on Steam have market shares similar to the now-unsupported Windows 7. 1.43% use macOS (0.14 points), and 1.63% use Linux (-0.19 points).

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"Windows 10 bounced back up after dipping below 56% in August 2023"

maybe because people gave Win11 a ry, but didn't like it, and still prefrred Win10?

we will never know ;)


I still need to upgrade to this here soon !

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