WWE 2K22 Servers Shutting Down Early Next Year

WWE 2K22 may be old news for diehard fans of the long-running franchise. After all, developer 2K Games released its sequel in March, making the older game feel somewhat obsolete for anyone who keeps up with the franchise. That said, there are always going to be players who stick with an older version of the game for one reason or another, keeping the online scene lively among hardcore players. Unfortunately, 2K Games recently announced that the WWE 2K22 servers aren't going to be up for much longer. In fact, 2K22 players only have a few more months to enjoy the game's online modes.

Announced on Twitter, WWE Games revealed that "WWE 2K22 servers will be discontinued as of January 3, 2024." That means all online modes will no longer be playable, forcing anyone in the community who hasn't upgraded to WWE 2K23 to make that switch if they want to keep playing the game online. Perhaps more frustratingly, it will also mean that community Creations will no longer be available. Therefore, even if you decide not to upgrade and continue playing 2K22, you won't be able to download new Superstars from the community. That means you'll be stuck with whatever you download before January and can't update your roster unless you take the time to do so yourself. For players who are less skilled at character creation, that's a massive loss.

Of course, the option to upgrade is always there, and WWE 2K23 does have several bells and whistles that make it worthwhile. Plus, if you're willing to wait a few months, you'll likely be able to get 2K23 via various holiday sales. It is worth noting though that this could become par for the course with the WWE 2K series. Obviously, after the disaster that was WWE 2K20, the team needed to reboot the series, but seeing 2K Games turn off the servers after only a few years is concerning for anyone who's looking to be dedicated to a specific game. Don't be surprised if a similar announcement comes next year after WWE 2K23 has been on the market for a few years.

When Will We Hear About WWE 2K24?
Now that 2K22's servers are shutting, many are probably wondering when we'll start to hear about WWE 2K24. In fact, some players in the community have recently been speculating who could be in the next Showcase, with one of the popular options being that players would try to replicate Roman Reigns' current heavyweight championship record-breaking streak. After seeing 2K23 turn the tables and have the player taking on John Cena instead of playing as the Superstar, it doesn't seem too far-fetched.

As far as when we'll start to hear official word about 2K24, it'll most likely start early next year. We learned the first details about 2K23 on January 23, 2023, just before the annual Royal Rumble. If the WWE sticks to that reveal cycle, we'll be hearing about 2K24 around January 27, 2024, when the Royal Rumble takes place in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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