Mortal Kombat 1 Players Aren't Happy With "Predatory" Premium Store

Mortal Kombat 1 players aren't happy about the high price of DLC in the premium store and the lack of information about whether items can be earned in the Shrine or if they're exclusively DLC.

One of the most talked-about problems that Mortal Kombat 1 players have had with the game since it launched is its premium store, which hadn't been updated once since its early access launch, despite a timer saying that it'd be changed every 24 hours, something NetherRealm has now admitted was a bug. A few days ago, that finally changed with the arrival of Deadly Alliance Scorpion and the Indiana Jones skin for Johnny Cage, as well as a Shang Tsung announcer pack.

That might seem like good news, but that's not exactly how the community has viewed it. Since the store was updated, the Mortal Kombat subreddit has been full of posts complaining about the high price of the DLC, with the Deadly Alliance Scorpion skin costing 1,000 Dragon Krystals, which will run players back around £8 overall.

One post on the subreddit from Redditor Jiggsteruno calls the premium store "predatory" and points out that some skins in the premium store actually costs more than a whole character does in the Kombat Pack, and that it's a huge increase from Mortal Kombat 11, which sold some of its skins in packs of 3 for around $6, working out to $2 per character. Add to that the fact that these skins are in rotation and not always available, and it's easy to see why the sentiment is echoed in other posts on the subreddit, like this one from Doomerator.

Another big issue that players have with the store is that it doesn't give any indication as to whether something you buy there can actually be earned somewhere else in the game. Case in point, the Indiana Jones Johnny Cage skin, which can actually be randomly obtained in the Shrine, yet is being offered up as DLC.

This was theorised to be the case last week when some players discovered that Dark Sindel, who was one of the items on offer in the store, was also in the Shrine, leaving some feeling burned about buying something that could be unlocked without any warning of such. Some players on the subreddit are calling for a tag to be added to these items so that anyone buying knows that they can unlock it in the Shrine with enough patience and luck, but it's not clear if this is something NetherRealm plans on adding.

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