Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Trailer Wasn't Removed Due To Cancellation

Following the removal of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’s trailer earlier this week, Sony has now clarified exactly why the trailer was taken down. Thankfully, it’s not because the remake has been canned.

In a new statement to Kotaku, Sony explained that the trailer had been taken down due to licensing issues. “As part of normal business, we delist assets with licensed music when the licenses expire,” a spokesperson for Sony told Kotaku. It’s unclear exactly what license has expired but, as noted by Kotaku, the only music in the trailer is the main theme for Star Wars, which is owned by Disney.

Although fans will likely breathe a sigh of relief that the trailer wasn’t removed due to the cancellation of the project, it doesn’t answer the question as to why many of the original tweets surrounding the remake’s announcement were also removed. Twitter user Crusader3456 noted that although the tweets appear on Google, they have been deleted from the official PlayStation account when you attempt to view them.

After being announced during a PlayStation showcase in 2021, a report by Bloomberg surfaced a year after the announcement claiming the KOTOR Remake had been delayed indefinitely after a restructuring of the development studio, Aspyr.

Embracer, which became Aspyr’s parent company following an acquisition in 2021, announced that it would be closing and restructuring some of its studios earlier this year. Embracer said the move would take it from a “heavy-investment mode” to a “highly cash-flow generative business,” but would result in the loss of jobs, as reported by VGC.

It continues to be speculated that the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is going through development issues. However, Embracer did confirm in 2022 that Saber Interactive had been brought on board to assist Aspyr in the development of the project. Saber Interactive are best known as the developers behind World War Z and Evil Dead: The Game. The latter of which ended development earlier this month, just over a year since its initial release.

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I REALLY hope they do NOT cancel this man smh


usually is to do with the licensing issues fr

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