Dying Light 2 roadmap shows off a crossover with For Honor

Techland has outlined a new roadmap for upcoming Dying Light 2 content that'll be out this autumn and winter.

I might have forgotten about Dying Light 2, but thankfully its developer hasn't, as there a new roadmap has outlined a bunch of new additions that are coming to the game. Techland shared the roadmap to the game's official Twitter account, which didn't go into specifics, but did give a good overview of the main things you can expect. For one, there are more missions, including co-op missions, board quests, and replayable gre anomalies, as well as more firearms, one of which looks to be a new shotgun. There will also be a tower raid of some kind, but again no specifics.

There was also a lengthy list of smaller additions that will be coming to the game. On the weapons front, you'll soon be able to repair your weapons, and also seemingly dismantle mods for your gear. Alongside that, knives and polearms are being added in, with a new weapon rarity too. You can expect new enemy variants and a new "nightmare" difficulty at some point, and fresh finishers to take down said enemies with. Modders might also be happy to hear the community mods support will be coming somewhere along the line too.

The roadmap also outlined some upcoming events and crossovers, with a Vampire: The Masquerade crossover kicking things off this October. A Halloween event is on the way too, presumably also in October, and another crossover with Ubisoft's For Honor of all games is coming in November. December will see the arrival of a winter celebrations event, and a second anniversary event is planned for, well, the game's second anniversary.

Unfortunately for Techland, though, an update a few weeks ago introduced microtransactions into the game, something that fans haven't been happy about.

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Source: https://www.vg247.com/dying-light-2-roadmap-fall-autumn-winter-2023


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damn yeah this is a dope collab or crossover !


let this crossover be a great thing for them

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