PlayStation Portal Pre-Orders Have Sold Out in Japan

As a remote play-only device that will stream PS5 titles over WiFi, the PlayStation Portal hasn’t come across as a device that’s going to have a ton of mass market appeal, though in the build up to its launch over a month from now, it seems to be attracting a fair bit of interest- particularly in Japan.

As shared on Twitter by @Genki_JPN, pre-orders for PlayStation Portal – which became available worldwide outside of PlayStation Direct on September 29 – have been sold out at pretty much all online retailers in Japan, including Amazon, Sony Store, and many other. The portable system is priced at ¥29,980 in Japan (or $199.99 in the United States).

The PlayStation Portal has attracted its fair share of skepticism since its reveal, having received criticism for its lack of cloud streaming, Bluetooth support, and support for other features (like a native media player), though for now, it seems like to be gearing up for a successful launch nonetheless.

The device is set to release worldwide on November 15.

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not a surprise in japan they go crazy for psn


r00t is at it again with all the scalping fr


Get ready for scalpers selling this for 1000 dollars!

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