Alan Wake 2’s Music Has Been “Taken to the Next Level,” Director Says

Remedy Entertainment has an excellent track record with music and audio design in its releases, so expectations from Alan Wake 2 are naturally high on that front. And according to the developer, the survival horror sequel isn’t going to disappoint.

Speaking in a recent interview with MP1st, when asked about how Remedy has approached music in Alan Wake 2 as compared to the first game, game director Kyle Rowley said that the team’s primary goal has been to “create an emotional response” through the use of its music. Though Rowley was reluctant to divulge many specifics, he said Remedy has taken Alan Wake 2’s music to “the next level.”

“I think that across Remedy’s games, music has been important,” he said. “In Alan Wake 1 we had end-of-episode sequences where we had like licensed music. The same goes for Quantum Break. Obviously in Control, we had the Ashtray Maze, and we tried to use music in interesting ways outside of just being music. We try and create an emotional response, and that’s definitely the case for Alan Wake 2. We’re not talking too much about what we have in store for players for this game in terms of music, but there is cool stuff. I would say we’ve taken it to the next level.”

Recently, Remedy also released a behind-the-scenes video that focused on how the studio approached sound design and music for Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 is set to launch on October 27 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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looks okay but not for full price tbh


always love the ingame music :lipbite:

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