Ubisoft and Blizzard Entertainment Also Undergoing Layoffs

Ubisoft and Blizzard Entertainment are the latest studios to undergo a round of layoffs, it seems. Following yesterday’s shocking news that Fortnite maker Epic Games is laying off 16% of its workforce (800+ employees), a number of Ubisoft and Blizzard Entertainment devs reported that they, too, had lost their jobs.

The extent of Ubisoft and Blizzard layoffs is not known at present
Neither Ubisoft nor Blizzard has commented on the development, but fans spotted a number of tweets from now-former employees looking for new jobs. The redundancies seem to have all happened yesterday.

“Unfortunately I was a part of today’s layoffs at Ubisoft,” wrote one employee on Twitter. “Unfortunately I’m affected by the layoffs at Ubisoft today and my time as a managing producer here comes to an end,” added another.

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Source: https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2023/09/29/ubisoft-blizzard-layoffs-september-2023/


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oh wow its crazy this is going on smh games are 70$ + now and they cant afford to pay there workers ?!


such sad news abot more layffs

wish all those affeted the best

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